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Services - Client Management

Diana has over 25 years experience in the field of Client Management, helping to guide her clients from being top sportsmen and women, to being highly successful in their chosen career after sport. Her clients, with proper guidance and training, have moved from the field to careers in Broadcasting (both Television and Radio), Writing (Books and Newspapers), After Dinner/Motivational Speaking, Conference Hosting and Facilitating, Voiceover Work and Television Advertising


Services - Celebrity Endorsments


Silver Fox Media works closely with many major brands to develop endorsement programmes for all of our clients, including promotion of their products and services.

Diana was very closely involved in all aspects of the the Walkers campaign with Gary Lineker for nearly 18 years during her time as a Director of Jon Holmes Media Ltd


Services - After Dinner/Motivational Speaking


Silver Fox Media works with a number of After Dinner and Motivational Speakers from Sport, Broadcasting and Business to give the widest range of styles to suit every occasion, from corporate dinners to company workshops to hosting conferences


Our speakers are available to attend events both at home and abroad at a wide range of prices. We always work very closely with you to offer every assistance to make your event a success


Services - Personal Appearances/Hospitality/Awards Hosting


Silver Fox Media represents a number of Sportsmen and Women and Broadcasters who are available for personal appearances.

These clients are available to attend and host events at home and abroad including Corporate Events/Product Launches/Hospitality at Sports or Business Functions/Hosting Awards Ceremonies, Workshops and much more


Services - Voiceover


Silver Fox Media represents a number of voiceover artistes with different styles to suit any occasion or promotion. Our speakers have a great deal of experience and their sporting voices are instantly recognisable.

If you are looking for TV Commercials, Radio or Video voices we can always find someone to make the right impact for you


Services - Consultancy


With over 28 years' experience in the field, Diana offers a Consultancy Service to advise on using Sports people to enhance Corporate Events and Sponsorship.  Silver Fox Media can help you maximise your budgets by ensuring you have the right client for the right price, so that you get the most out of your investment.

Client Management & Event Consultancy

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